John: Believe & Have Life!

This week, we continue following Jesus on his way to the cross by observing another one of his amazing miracles in John 9:1-41! We’ll take time to appreciate the compassion of Jesus that led him to give sight to a blind man who had never once beheld the light of day. But while we are marveling at this incredible sign of Jesus’ deity, we will also see the growing hatred of Jesus’ enemies and their desire to snuff out the fire of our Lord’s powerful presence. As the narrative unfolds, we’ll discover that the story, while being a literal event in history, is also an enlightening spiritual metaphor. We will learn together what happens to people when the true Light shines. Some are made to see spiritual truths and realities, but others, who think they already see clearly, will turn away from Jesus, blinded by the Light. Who are we in this story? What is the effect of Jesus on the eyes of our heart? Let’s pray that by God’s Word and God’s Spirit, we will see and wholeheartedly appreciate the Light of the World!

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