Target: Discipleship>>MAKE

This week we will take another step toward understanding and embracing true Christian discipleship, as we consider in depth what it means to “make disciples” as a way of life. Far from an occasional pursuit, Jesus frames disciple-making as a core part of our identity in Christ and in the Church. There is no such thing as a true disciple who does nothing to make other true disciples! Matthew 28:18-20 will be our focus passage where we will see that Jesus has given us a very straightforward calling. He makes explicit the promise of his invitation in Mark 1:17. He means to make us into “fishers of men.” He intends to develop us into disciple-makers! Prepare your heart for our gathering by asking two questions: Am I a true disciple of Jesus? & Am I MAKING true disciples of Jesus? Think on these things, and prepare to respond to God’s Word and God’s Spirit as we learn together!

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