Alive! Our Model for Living

Over the past five weeks, we have learned that resurrection gives to us life in a Person, the foundation of our faith, the guarantee of God’s promises, hope through our suffering, and power to fight temptation. On our final step of this journey, we learn that through the resurrection, we also have our model for living. Passages such as Philippians 2:5-11 & 3:8-11 as well as Galatians 2:20 help us process the idea that in order to receive a greater, deeper, and more glorious experience of God in our lives, we must first be willing to suffer with Jesus, even to the point of death. If we should be raised to greater heights of living, it will come because we have embraced some form of dying. These things are counterintuitive and perhaps even disturbing to some people, but these things are most certainly transformative as we take them to heart and put them to practice.

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