Alive! Hope in Our Suffering

Having laid a foundation of understanding what the Bible teaches about resurrection – that resurrection gives us Life through a Person (the focus is all on Jesus), that resurrection is the foundation of our faith, and that resurrection is the guarantee of God’s promises – we’ve learned that resurrection is not only something that happened to Jesus, but is something that will happen to us! It is both our past and our future. Now this week we will learn that resurrection also changes our present situation and gives us HOPE in our suffering. We are meant to live every day in light of the resurrection, and when we do, it changes our passions and perspectives. For the believer, everything is different because of the resurrection! Prepare yourself by reading 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 and thinking about the connection between your suffering and the resurrection. Ask God to move among us and through us as we commit ourselves to meaningful corporate worship!