A new year has launched, and if you’re like me, you’re already overwhelmed at what 2021 will require. There’s just so much to do! … Which is exactly why we need to be reminded that the most important thing to do on any given day this year is not to DO at all, but rather to dwell! In our new sermon series “DWELL: Cultivating Intimacy with God,” we will explore the most needful thing of our lives – spending time developing a deep, personal relationship with the One who made us and loves us. As we look to the Bible, we will be challenged to view our relationship with God, not as one aspect of our busy lives, but as the very reason we exist. We will learn that intimacy with God comes through delighting in His Word. It comes through prayer and fasting. It comes through suffering. It comes as we gather with others who are growing in their relationship with Him. I pray that you will fully engage this series, and I believe that this discussion will shape more than just your New Year’s resolutions… It could transform your life!  – Pastor Jim